Mohammad Mohammadzadeh.

Digital Product Designer
Since 2005.

Mohammad Mohammadzadeh

Since 2005 as a user interface and interaction designer I’ve contributed to different projects across Service and Product Design in multiple sectors including Banking, Insurance, Public Administration, and Energy. I spent most of the past years enabling design teams to take Human-centered decisions through Design Thinking and Agile. I graduated in art direction and graphic design at the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan (2017 NABA). In 2017 I collaborated with FM Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea to design and pioneer the digital experience of art exhibitions and digital museums.

I was born in 1984 and now I live in Milan, Italy. I am Iranian and before 2012 I worked and studied in Tehran, Iran. For more than 2 years (2010-2012) I led product design projects across Smart TV and IPTV devices in one of the leading high-tech research companies in Tehran.

Among my main activities in Iran, I can indicate the design and development of more than 50 websites and applications. I’m certified in CIW and PHP by MFT collage (2005 Tehran) and I studied physics at Azad University in Tehran.